Sunday, 30 December 2007

Happy Twenty Five

So when did I actually turn twenty five? In Belgium its been 3 hours and 21 minutes since the day has begun but people in India obviously were celebrating it for me way before that. Anyway I guess that is immaterial, it is finally here.

A quarter of a century has been lived and it has been good going so far, or so I think. The best thing about being twenty five is that you actually remember stuff that happened more than 10 - 15 years back, you certainly couldn't say that 10 - 15 years ago. And I remember some great times, mostly laughs. I have had a lot to laugh about thinking about so many things. The ironic thing is that at that time a lot of these times weren't really funny, they certainly weren't making me laugh. I think the past always turns to funny or rather happy. Look at an old pic and it makes you smile instantly, though that pic you are looking at is a grumpy face of you with other people who have trekked an entire day walking 30 kilometers up a hill. Not really happy times at that time, but now it is such a happy memory.

The point I'm trying to make is that whatever happens now or in the moment you are existing maybe good, bad, happy, sad whatever, ultimately it will turn to happiness in your head. So my thinking that the last twenty five years have been good going is justified as the first twenty five years are a happy memory. I have had bad times and low times but it is still a happy memory. They make me smile and laugh as well. It is like "What was I thinking?" or "How the hell did I manage to get into that shit?".

Knowing that bad times now or whenever will be happy times in the future gives me immense courage and fills me with great anticipation for the next twenty five. The next twenty five will be very different from the first, obviously it will be. Probably be much harder, no obviously be much harder. But I know that I am going to have a good time at the end of it, and knowing that now makes it a very happy twenty five for me.


jungulz said...

the fuck Pamdeyz! i never thought of reflecting n shit man..u make me feel old at 24..
neways, belated happy b'day n ol..
It obviosuly gives u immense pleasure to survive this long..:)

Ankit said...

INTROSPECTION/ RETROSPECTION...brilliant exercise...brilliant inferences...definitely on d right track for d next 25 man! ATB